Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee (JNCC)
The purpose of JNCC is to provide regular, recognised opportunities to formally discuss and resolve issues of relevance to the committee.  Its main objectives are to carry out formal consultation and formal negotiation between management and UNISON.  It is also required to provide UNISON with information to allow meaningful consultation and negotiation. 
Phased Return Update:
In 2014, several members contacted Unison with concerns about losing annual leave during phased returns after long/extended periods of illness.
SEPA’s Managing Attendance Policy states that phased returns will be fully paid. It became clear that this policy had been applied inconsistently for some time, and as a result of this, Unison stewards spoke to their members to identify other people who might have been impacted.
After discussion at JNCC, SEPA confirmed that the intention of the policy is to support staff when returning to work and that phased returns will be accommodated by SEPA. Staff are not expected to use annual leave for phased returns of up to a month. Extended phased returns of over one month may also be accommodated by SEPA in line with medical advice and with Director approval. Policy and guidance concerning phased return is now being reviewed to ensure clarity.
Unison members and other identified members of staff who have been affected by this will now be offered pay in lieu of their lost annual leave or have their annual leave days recredited.
Please get in touch with your local Unison steward if you would like further information about phased returns.
Flexi-time Update:
After complaints from members that we raised at JNCC, a sub group was set up to revise the policy. The main points that we had concerns about were
  • the deduction of time if you went over your flexi credit limit
  • the flexi credit of 14 hours being reduced for part time workers
  • the attempts by some managers to remove flexi time
  • members being required to take time off in lieu (TOIL) rather than being paid
The new flexi-time policy is available on SEPA's intranet site under Human resources / Guidance & Procedures.
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