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Workplace parking levy - Scottish Government Survey - closes 20 May 2019 - scroll down to ‘Stage 2’ box at https://www.parliament.scot/parliamentarybusiness/CurrentCommittees/108853.aspx 

Provision of a car at work - the SEPA 2012 car policy states:
1.1       Pool Vehicles Pool vehicles are provided to allow SEPA employees to undertake their official business without them having to use their own private vehicle.  No employee should use their own private vehicle for business use unless: 
  • Public transport is unsuitable for use
  • A SEPA designated pool vehicle is not available for use
  • A driver with a vehicle under the SEPA Leased Car Scheme is not undertaking the same journey.
  • Vehicle sharing is unavailable or unsuitable
If an employee is required to use their own vehicle, authorisation must be obtained from their line manager prior to travel.

5th April 2019 - Environment Agency staff to go on strike over pay
Unison said its members had overwhelmingly backed action after a below-inflation pay rise of 1.3% was imposed on them.  More than 85% of votes cast supported taking action, including stopping unpaid overtime and work travel during personal time. Unison said staff were angered their pay falls short of increases given to other public sector workers. Since 2010, Environment Agency workers are 20% worse off as their wages have failed to keep pace with prices, said Unison.

AGM Tuesday 5th March 2019 4:30pm Kinbuck Stirling - speak to your local rep re VC locations
Officer Reports:

Feb 2019 Pay Ballot Result - 60:40 split in favour of acceptance with a 51% turnout 

PAY INFO - April 2018